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3 Awesome Habits that Create Amazing Relationships!

Look! Habits are important, right? There’s a saying that comes to mind when I discuss habits and that is, “we are what we repeatedly do,” and your relationships in life are definitely going to be what you repeatedly do!

So in this article, we are going to discuss 3 AMAZING HABITS that can create some amazing relationships! If you’re single, doing this on dates will drastically enhance the bond that you two share and if you’re in a relationship you’re going to just LOVE seeing the positive benefits of these!

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Love Deep + Flowing Conversations – HMDP #61

Do you pull your punches in love?

I am not saying that you physically abuse your partner, but are you loving fully with a touch of fear? Read More


How to Make Him Fall in Love With You – Ask Harvey #56


Do you know how to make somebody fall in love with you?

Well, as always, it’s worth asking better questions. If we ask how to make somebody fall in love with us, sometimes that can come from lack. It’s like we are trying to trick or convince somebody of something. Read More


3 Ways to Be More Authentic in Your Love Life

While an article like this isn’t really that sexy, like “3 Ways to make somebody fall for you,” it’s still bloody important in my opinion. If you’re not genuine and authentic in your love life, where CAN YOU BE?

Your love life, the place where you’re potentially exposing your most intimate aspects of who you are to another human being, is a place to be genuine. A lot of other articles and dating coaches will sell you tactics on how to get another person to like you, but it’s the same as handing you the keys to a car. You can drive that car with you and a loved one to somewhere amazing OR you can accidentally crash it into a tree.

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How to be Unforgettable in Your Partner’s Mind – HMDP #60

I don’t know if you’ve seen me talking about this, but recently, it’s been on my mind.

The key to becoming really unforgettable in somebody’s mind, on a date or in life, is to create an experience for them.

If experiences are the thing that bind people together, and they are, then your ability to think and feel about creating an experience for that person is the channel in which you form that deep connection!

So in today’s podcast, I reveal some of my biggest ideas that can help you create an experience that will make you unforgettable in your partner’s mind. THAT, and sharing some key mindsets that really help you along the way!

This is something special because I very rarely reveal strategies because we all know what to do isn’t as important as what to feel.  But I am assuming that you’re ready for this!

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