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Opening Your Heart up to Love

It so important to open up our heart to love.

If we don’t, we close ourselves up, not only to people, things, life but also the highest joys that life has to offer.

So what do you want? A life of average mediocracy, or a cosmic explosion of things that work and just feel good and extasy? Let love be your drug, and in this article, I’ll show you how it works.

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One Powerful Mindset for Communication in Relationships

Look, we both know that communication is important for relationships, in fact it’s one of the cornerstones for any successful relationship. It’s like the oil that keeps the engine of love working. It’s the blood that keeps the body of romance functioning. It’s how meaning, and ideas and even affection gets across.


Most people misunderstand love. They misunderstand it because they miss out on what it is to communicate. We think communication means only the good, and a very few people realise that communication also means communicating the bad. Read More


How to Get Him to Chase You?

The age-old question, how to get him to chase you!

Honestly, I very rarely like answering questions like this because, if you know me, emotions come first. How you feel is so much more important than what you think or do, why? Because that’s the flow of actions. Read More


Why people can get hurt when you’re happy.

Look, if you’ve been working with me, reading my articles or even following my videos, you’re going to have what I call a “changing of guards.”

As you discover who you are, as you define more and more what kind of relationships you want and as you just become happier overall, you’re going to have a weird crazy phenomenon that happens.

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Why do people contradict themselves?

We have all suffered from that problem.

People say one thing, and do the other right?

It’s frustrating. Maybe they are even a little bit hypocritical even. They tell you not to do something, but instead, they do it themselves.

He tells you that he doesn’t like when you flirt with other men, but he does it himself?

CLASSIC HUMANS… am I right people? Read More