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Why Do Guys Use Girls For Sex??? – Mind Blowing Revelations – Looking at Love [3/3]

You asked for it, so I delivered.

Part 3 of the Interviews for Looking at Love!

In this, we answer one question and ask another! The first is painful, the other is hard!

Are you ready for it?

So, the first question, is, very first and foremost, why do guys use girls for sex?

And honestly, this is total bullshit, and I say this as a guy who’s been used for sex in the past!

So in the video, we dive deep into that and debunk some horrible horrible myths, but also, at the same time, we ask people around Melbourne the really hard question:


Let’s see if people can get it!


How to Get a Guy to Chase You – Ask Harvey #42

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot recently. Well, a lot more than usual. I’ve been honestly thinking about the people out there that really ware struggling in relationships where they want somebody but the other person doesn’t want them back. When people come to me asking questions, they usually come in waves, and that seems to be the wave of this period of time that I am in.

So, last week I wrote an article on it, and that went really well, but I really wanted to expand on this and go deeper. I did it in today’s Ask Harvey video about it.

Because honestly, there are some mindsets that, if you understand, can create a profound shift in your relationships and dating life. Three mindsets to be honest!

The biggest thing I want you to understand though, is that honestly if you want a guy to chase you, the REALLY SIMPLE ANSWER, that shifts thing at a cosmic level, is honestly very very simple.

If you want a guy to chase you, be somebody worth chasing. THAT IS IT!

No tactics, no tricks, no ways to transform or change somebody, but simply, find yourself, discover yourself and express that more and so full that when you do people get caught in your gravitational field.


Well, I wanted to expand on this with three mindsets, three things to focus on that channel your energy into the right automatic action. If you want to find out those three mindsets, watch this week’s Ask Harvey video on Youtube!


Why Some Relationships Work + Some Fail (Valentine’s Day Mini-Series 2/3)

Time to set you straight.

People are way too strict on their relationships. I keep watching people, and it feels like people are always kind of running around not really getting anywhere.

WHY? Read More


WHY VALENTINE’S DAY SUCKS – Valentine’ Day Mini Series

Look, I’m a dating coach. I’m MEANT to love Valentine’s Day right?

But, here’s the truth.

I don’t.

I kind of think it sucks.


Because people put way too much pressure on it.

How can the love for somebody be contained to one day?

No it can’t, so FUCK THAT!

Instead, if you want Valentine’s Day to be special, then treat it like it is. ANOTHER DAY for you two celebrate the love that you share with somebody!

For some, it’s a reminder. For other’s it’s inspiration!

For other’s, it’s a massive drainer! It can be a pain in the ass because of that PRESSURE THAT WE PUT ON OURSELVES!

So here am I, telling you, it’s time to take it less seriously, but instead do something a little bit different…

Something different that can change the way Valentine’s Day works for you…

If you want to find out what that is, you have to watch today’s video!


How to be More Attractive (Sexier) – Ask Harvey #41

Yes yes. This is it.

Your god particle. The thing about you that makes you so much more irresistible to guys! Read More