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Experiences Bring People Together

I was sick this week, and through this, I had some ideas crystalise. Here I share the first few BUT I’ve got more in tomorrow’s podcast! GET EXCITED PEOPLE!


LIVE VIDEO: Why problems are like Balloons

Why problems are like Balloons

In this, we also answer public questions!


How to tell if somebody loves you and other questions

The Original Questions:

What does it look like when a man loves me? What kind of person is actually a good match for me? Should I stay single until I understand more about the opposite sex, myself, and relationships?


NOTE: the video cuts off just as I was about to wrap it up. This was an error due to streaming that I now get to look into. You don’t miss anything as I was about to wrap up the video instantly afterwards anyway.



How do you know if a guy isn’t interested in you at all even though you’re in a relationship with them?


This is a live video where we talk about questions, answers, how to tell if somebody is using you or not.


FB LIVE: What to Do if Your Partner Brings Up Their Ex Lovers

A live video about dealing with negative emotions and if your ex brings up his ex lovers.

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