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Why Everybody Got Healing Wrong – HMDP #44

Everybody got the concept of healing wrong, and in today’s podcast, we dive deep into that a hell of a lot more.

At one point in our lives, we are happy. Then something comes along and alters our reality and so, we might not feel as happy. You might be in this state right now or not, but either way, listen up because we are going to drop some truth bombs right now.

The truth is, that life has given you a deeper piece of the puzzle of who you are. Your job then isn’t to try and remove it, because you can only remove it as much as you can remove yourself from the equation of your own life (and some people take very harsh measures to ensure this). Your job is to try and INTEGRATE IT!

In today’s podcast, we tune into this idea of integration and how integration is the name of the game. How it’s 10x more powerful than trying to remove a part of you that hurts you and how things that hurt us are just new information and pieces of who we are.


Embrace Your Crazy – HMDP #43

Did you know Dr.Suess once said, “If you want to be number 1, you have to be odd.”

And I know some of you aren’t really looking for fame, but if you want to be number 1 in somebody’s eyes, it’s a hell of a lot easier if you allow your self to stand out.

In all your glory,

In all your self-love and more importantly,

In all your crazy…

Your crazy is what makes you… YOU!

It’s the things that you are afraid to say or do, these are the things that are expressions of who you are, and if you hide them because you think you shouldn’t, then you drown who you are meant to be!

So, listen to this podcast, because, in this time, we embrace your crazy, because as the saying (that I made up in the podcast) is,
“If you want to play by the rules, then you get ruled.”

So, embrace your crazy, live your life on your terms!


The Physics of Love – HMDP#42

Did you know love has a flow?

It’s just like physics.

And just like physics, the laws of physics do apply to it.

Objects will remain stationary unless a force is applied on it.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to get anybody to do something, it’s all about energy…

but remember: this isn’t forced. You’re not manipulating and you’re not forcing something to happen, you’re instead finding and feeling and creating energy in yourself and feeling it so it then comes out and manifests as awesome behaviour in your relationship.


And the reason why I say this is because all problems in relationships melt away when you understand this. ALL PROBLEMS.

You understand how the flow of love works, and you can go with that flow. If you’ve ever felt stuck and unsure, this is the process to understand.


It’s powerful, and we dive in deep into the concept of love and physics, and when you get this, your love will flow deeper and automatically.



Do you know what the inverse law is?

I’ve said this time and time again, but let’s have a recap!

Basically, it’s a simple idea that if you want something because it will make you feel good, you get it BECAUSE YOU FEEL GOOD!

You don’t get a relationship to be happy, you get it because you are happy.

You don’t get friends to have something to do, you feel like you have something to do and then you get friends.

And weirdly enough,

You don’t make a lot of money to feel rich, you feel rich and then you make a lot of money.

Think of it like a radio!

Because we can expand on this a bit deeper!

That, if you want somebody to love you, sure, people say “love yourself first (which is the point of my 7 Day Self Love Course coming up on the 7th of March) but really, it’s like a radio.

When you tune into the frequency of love, you also inviting other people to bring that out in them. It’s such a crazy phenomenon that, when you understand deeper, will blow your mind!

So, to assist in that mind-blowing phenomenon, I’ve recorded a new Podcast! A PARADIGM SHIFTING PODCAST if you listen to it deeper! In this, I also talk about some of the men’s issues as well, so I want you to listen deeper and realise that men and women aren’t so different.


Dating as a Sport? – Interview with Tresna Lee – HMDP #40

Well well well!

You’re in for a treat right now!

This week for the Honest Modern Dating Podcast, we did something special. We trialled out an interview, and this time, we did it with the lovely and amazing Tresna Lee! Read More