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Love Deep + Flowing Conversations – HMDP #61

Do you pull your punches in love?

I am not saying that you physically abuse your partner, but are you loving fully with a touch of fear? Read More


How to be Unforgettable in Your Partner’s Mind – HMDP #60

I don’t know if you’ve seen me talking about this, but recently, it’s been on my mind.

The key to becoming really unforgettable in somebody’s mind, on a date or in life, is to create an experience for them.

If experiences are the thing that bind people together, and they are, then your ability to think and feel about creating an experience for that person is the channel in which you form that deep connection!

So in today’s podcast, I reveal some of my biggest ideas that can help you create an experience that will make you unforgettable in your partner’s mind. THAT, and sharing some key mindsets that really help you along the way!

This is something special because I very rarely reveal strategies because we all know what to do isn’t as important as what to feel.  But I am assuming that you’re ready for this!


How to Win Over Anybody – HMDP #59

As a dating coach, there are times where I have to answer questions like “how to win anybody over.”

This is one of those things that I share to you as a mindset, not a strategy. We both know by now that strategies themselves are pointless if they come from a bad place. Read More


The Quest That Most People Go On – HMDP #58

I couldn’t do it,

I couldn’t record a podcast on the common quest that most people go on. Read More


Security in Relationships – HMDP #57

Security is bullshit,

I say this with honesty, because while security itself is good, sometimes we want it from a bad place.

We want to secure our world around us, to make it safe because we are operating out of fear rather than love.

This is why I say security is bullshit.

LOVE and happiness is the name of the game and that’s where we want to go. When you’re living in love, you’ll find more reason to be happy and you’ll use security to it’s best measure.

When you’re living in fear, you’ll find more reasons to be afraid and you’ll use security to it’s worst measure.


So in this week’s podcast, we talk about this in GREAT DETAIL, and we bring out what we can call a “paradigm shift.”

In fact, I live streamed this podcast and I read out some comments at the end where people have some “ah-ha moments” where they realise, through the podcast, they were chasing love for all the wrong reasons. Because some people treat love like it is a drug, and they treat their partner like a drug dealer.

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