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    How to Heal Yourself – Ask Harvey #60



How to Heal Yourself – Ask Harvey #60

Business can be a harsh mistress. I bring this up because recently, I’ve been knocked about while running the business more than ever before. Some would argue, just like relationships, it is a deeply spiritual journey.

That just like relationships, you’ll be forced to go deep, to bring yourself back up to the surface and to keep going in the name of something great, something beautiful. In the name of love.

The reason why I mention this is because, honestly, in the last few weeks I had been knocked down harder than I had ever been before. As a result, I had to bring myself back up out of it in ways that I had never DONE before.


I discovered something profound, and I want to share that with you now…

so are you READY????

It is all about identity. How you view yourself. YOUR RELATIONSHIP with yourself. What you THINK you are, not what others think you are.

The reason why we get hurt is that a part of us that was developing didn’t get the right nourishment for it to grow! When feeling hurt, it’s because a part of you that wasn’t actively worked on or developed fell apart. Like a little plant that didn’t get the water, it needed to grow strong and somebody stepped on it. If it had the strength if somebody stepped on it, it would still stand strong!

Now, HOW to heal yourself is different. If this is all about your identity, then you’re going to have to watch this week’s Ask Harvey video (OUT TODAY OH YEAH). In this video, I talk deeply about this concept, and I give you the first part of my own personal method to get yourself out of this.

AND, I’ve been taking my clients through this journey on this, and guess what? They’ve been seeing some intent and crazy results. From NO CONFIDENCE to EXTREME CONFIDENCE in a matter of moments!

Because there’s a particular process to take yourself through. I feel like I was gifted this from somewhere and now I get to deliver it to you!