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    Let’s Talk About One Sided Relationships… (Ask Harvey #76)



Let’s Talk About One Sided Relationships… (Ask Harvey #76)

Have you ever been in a relationship where you give give give but get nothing in return?

As a coach, I find these kinds of relationships to be one of the most painful that people can go through, not just because it hurts to be in them, but it also teaches you that relationships can hurt as well.

This week, I have released a video on one-sided relationships that go into this in more detail, and I do recommend you watch it but if you don’t I’m here to provide you as much value as I can now.

Overall, I think that we all have a perfect path that we are all on.

I share the idea of a perfect path because no matter what you do or don’t do will be and is perfect for you. Some people might be destined to work with me, and others on their path to figure it out for themselves. Some are destined for a small sample of painful experiences and some are destined for pure joy all the time.

No matter what happens, your path will always be perfect for you. It is your self-love process. Your letting go process. Your ability to connect with yourself. Your process to heal, to love, to let go.

No matter what happens, it is happening for you, because of you and as a way for you to go deeper and connect deeper with who and what you are.

This does include painful and harsh relationships. That it might be on your path, and that is a path that you are walking no matter what.

Your job is to decide if you’re going to enjoy it or make it go longer than it needs to go.

So this week, I have a video for you if you’d like to watch it about one-sided relationships.

I’m going to be talking about one-sided relationships in a way that might be controversial but is also something that a fair few people might need to hear.

I am here to serve.