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    You are Perfect As You Are so It is Time to Let Go (Ask Harvey #77)



You are Perfect As You Are so It is Time to Let Go (Ask Harvey #77)

This week I released a youtube video on how perfect you already are, but it is time for me to talk about why I’ve released it.

I released the video because, by it’s very nature, you ARE perfect as you are. I’ve often observed that when somebody’s dreams take longer than expected to get, they start to knuckle down and feel about where the problem is.

When it comes to love, they stop blaming others and they start blaming themselves. They disguise this as “taking responsibility” but really, you may have wondered that things happened not only because of you but for you?

An example:
A woman doesn’t get married, but her ex does. She dreams of it. Upon seeing her ex get married she starts to see the differences between his new wife and her. She starts thinking she is the one that has to change.

But, she, you, anybody, doesn’t. You are perfect as you are. That is a truth that some people find as a hard pill to swallow. Imperfections give people something to work towards but you may have wondered that those goals exist as an expression of your soul, not as a way to hone it.

Have you ever thought to your self, what if you were perfect as you are?

Have you ever thought to yourself, that you don’t need to change? That things are happening exactly as they need to be. That your choice really is to decide to either enjoy the process or fight it?

You get to decide how you enjoy life. Are you going to fight it or are you going to enjoy it.

This week, on this topic, I have a new video for you. This is about how perfect you already are, so it is time to let go. If you feel there is something for you to let go, then it might be within your path to watch this video.