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    #RANT – Why He Pulls Away (Ask Harvey #65)



#RANT – Why He Pulls Away (Ask Harvey #65)

Have you ever been in a situation where your partner has pulled away from you?

Maybe they made a commitment to you and now they are slowly fading away? Maybe you two have started to date and he’s slowly closing down emotionally? Maybe it seems like he’s emotionally unavailable.

If you’ve ever wanted to know why people pull away, I suggest you keep reading, because you’re going to realize something very key here.

That is, people pull away for a reason…

Here’s what happens:

He pulled away not because he’s trying to mess with you, but because he’s looking for something…

But what is he looking for?

Who does he want to become? What does he want to feel? What is missing?

Now, this is down to the person, and if we were to work together I’d show you how to find this out so deeply, but this week I’ve released a video that goes into the two most universal reasons why this happens. 

And guess what? This is not just a man thing. This is a HUMAN thing. People pull away when they don’t feel two specific things…