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Why Sex On The First Date Doesn’t Matter (Ask Harvey #81)

Look, sex can be amazing and it can also be terrible. More importantly than that, sex is filled with all these different significances that often can get in the way of our real connection from taking place. In today’s video, we talk about sex on the first date and really how it isn’t a big deal!

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How to CURE Anxiety For Good (The ONLY WAY!) – (Ask Harvey #80)

Well, do you want to learn how to cure anxiety? Social Anxiety? Romantic Anxiety? Financial Anxiety?

Well, this is a common thing that I often encounter, and honestly, it is really easy to work through it.

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Why Some People Play Games with Love and Why Others Don’t

Why do some people play games when it comes to their love life and other people don’t? This is not only for those that are single, but even in a relationship, there are those who will often feel like their partner is playing games. Maybe they don’t feel like their partner is being genuine. Well, regardless, it all comes down to one little thing, and by reading this article you’re going to learn more and more about it. Maybe even let go of it!

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Stop Being a Dick To Yourself (HMDP #90)

In this podcast, we talk about negative self-talk, how we got it from somebody else and one way of stepping around it!

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What to Do If He Disappears (ghosts) After a Death in The Family

Ok, so, you’re dating somebody and they’ve had a death in the family and now they are starting to disappear on you. That can be so painful because your relationship was going so well, and now, it’s not going at all. So what do you do?

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