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The Drug of Love (HDMP #92)

The drug of love. Some people chase love like it is a drug. They need it. They want their hit. They need their partner to be their drug dealer. Except for this time, their drug is their love!

In this podcast, we talk about this, we also talk about healing, we also talk about my brand spanking new program called WORTHY OF LOVE!

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5 Signs that he likes you (Ask Harvey #87)

Time to talk about if he likes you or not! This is one of those things that I think is worth recognizing, because when you know these signs, you’ll not only know how to read your partner better but also, as you connect with your partner more, you’ll find yourself doing these things. These are not only signs of affection, but signs of commitment AND signs of love and romance! So watch the video below!

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How to Fall In Love With Yourself (Ask Harvey #86)

Hey you! Want to learn how to fall in love with yourself? Maybe you want to feel good? Maybe you’ve recognized that your life is better and fuller when you feel good and love yourself? Well, in the video below, we talk about how to fall in love with yourself in a way that you can’t get anywhere else!

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CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING (what happens after a break up)

Ok, so this is a topic that I have not seen this talked about a lot on the internet, so it’s worth being talked about. This is a topic that I personally explored and came to conclusions during a break up of my own. I often find that the people I work with when going through a breakup will often find themselves doing this process but fighting it. In this article, we are not only going to talk about conscious uncoupling, but also, what happens after a breakup. Read More


How To Get Back With Your Ex (Ask Harvey #85)

Well well well! You want to get back with your ex huh? Well, in this video (below) you’ll learn some of the intricate and key understandings to getting back with your ex, so you can not only understand HOW to get back with your ex but WHY!

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