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You can’t get it wrong (HDMP #94)

You can’t get it wrong! In this podcast, we talk about getting things wrong in dating, and how making mistakes isn’t really such a big deal! We also have a live stream listener who also shares their thoughts, and this turns into an impromptu expression of deeper beliefs and a real-life dating coaching situation.

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The TWO STEPS to Develop High Self-Esteem (Ask Harvey #90)

In today’s video, we talk about high self-esteem in ways you’ve never heard of before because we have compressed developing it into two major steps! High Self-esteem is crucial because you’re creating a world where you feel and are amazing, and other’s can feel it as well. It is the breaking point for some people and for those who don’t have it, they tend to hurt themselves even more. I can’t wait for you to watch it!

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I want to talk about emotional self-harm… (Ask Harvey #89)

Trigger warning. In this video, we talk about emotional self-harm… Something I find a lot of people are doing without even realizing. We talk ourselves down because other people have been doing it. Pretty soon we forgot that we were doing it. So, when you’re ready, watch the video below as we confront how we teat ourselves…

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How to Get Him To Text You Back… (Send Him This Message)

Hey there! So, you’re dating somebody and suddenly he starts to push back, maybe he’s stopped texting you and you really want him to text back. Now you might be worried about how he is, and since he isn’t texting you back, you’re not quite sure what to do next… if only he communicated better you’d be able to be clear about everything in relationship with him!

Well, in this article, we are going to be talking about exactly that. Why he hasn’t texted you back, and how to get him to do so! Stay tuned! Make sure you read every word because I don’t want you to skip to sections and miss key understandings!

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I want you to stop saying “Things Take Time” you goofball! (Ask Harvey #88)

In this video, we talk about why “good things take time” is an absolute lie, and really, the act of telling ourselves this is the very reason why things take time. What we believe is what we create…

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