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Life & Love Live Q&A Episode 15

Live & Love Episode 15: the biggest one yet!

This one is going to be good!

– attracting high-class men
– making standards clear
– being happy first
– how to feel out different people
– being more friendly
– stopping people taking advantage of you
– first dates and making him easy about you
– dealing with extreme shyness

N.B. I may get the episode number wrong.


Does Love at First Sight Exist? (Ask Harvey #8) – The Attraction Pyramid

Do you believe in Love at first Sight? Does Love at first Sight exist??? These are the real questions!

Hi, I am Harvey Hooke and I want to introduce the idea that love, at first sight, doesn’t exist as much as ATTRACTION at first sight… and THIS is the key thing here… that LOVE is based off a little more than just looks.

We can break it down even more into the:
– Initial Attraction
– Emotional Attraction
– Logical Attraction

which is incredibly important to understand and appreciate. That way, you understand the true nature of love at first sight.


Life & Love Live Q&A Episode 14

Live & Love Live Q&A Episode 14:

We are going deep into some forms of communication

– online dating, yes or no?
– Giving 100% in relationships
– Connection in relationships

N.B. I may get the episode number wrong.


How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship? (+GIFT) Making LDRs Work (Ask Harvey #7)

If you want to learn how to survive a long distance relationship, this is the best thing to do right now. Honestly, there are three pillars that are important and knowing this can tell you how to make a long distance relationship work.

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Life & Love Live Q&A Episode 13

Live & Love Live Q&A Episode 13:

This one is all about looking past what a guy does, to figure out what he is thinking!