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1 Trick to Stop Awkward First Dates

First dates can be awkward… so this is how to stop an awkward first date! 1 Trick that you can use to stop awkward dates!


REVEALED: How to Get the RIGHT guy to Notice, Approach & Talk to You

I really wanted to share something more special here. I’m not just a dating coach you know. In fact, a lot of my expertise comes from human dynamics. I can hear you saying “WHAT THE HELL IS HUMAN DYNAMICS?!?”

Human dynamics is literally the way humans interact. It’s nothing really flashy and special, but I’ve spent my life figuring out exactly what it takes for one person to like another person. It started out in my high school days when I saw the popular kids and I never understood what made them so god damn popular.

I used to think I was one of those kids never invited to parties so I went out of my way to figure out how to get as many people as I could to mine… and well… in the end the only parties people remember were mine.

So where the hell am I going with this?

The other day someone came to me with an interesting situation. She explained to me about she was in a bar and she was chatting to two guys. One guy, she really liked, but his FRIEND really liked her! Obviously, she was stuck making polite conversation with the guy she didn’t like… and well… the whole thing went nowhere.

I answer the question with some interesting human dynamics stuff in this video above!

Oh, and if you’re interested in the human dynamics stuff, I’ve got a bit about body language stuff sprinkled in. Human Dynamics is the more advanced version of dating, so if you can’t spot it send me a message and I’ll explain further. If you can and you have more questions I’d be happy to answer them 😉


? How to Know if it is Over :( and how to Move Past it + FREE GUIDE ?


Hey this video is actually a direct question to someone that messaged me on Facebook:

“your videos have really shown me that I’m probably not in the right relationship at the moment and need to move on. I wish I could figure out how to do that. Any further advice?”

First of all, there’s SO MANY THINGS in this that I could answer with. If we were doing coaching there would be time to go through all of this.

More often than not it’s hard to figure out if a relationship is not right for you… so many of us stay in relationships because of fear, or anxiety or out of hope. Figuring this out is half the battle.

I want to give you a solution to this that will help you clarify that this is the right choice for you, AND will help you move on… because part of the things that hold you back might be because of fear.

Firstly, I need to point out something that a lot of people don’t actually realise. We get into relationships with people because HOW THEY MAKE US FEEL. Sometimes we want to feel a certain way and having a partner in crime brings those feelings out in us. They give the moments in our lives so much more depth, but in a way that we want. That means if you’re in a relationship that no longer makes you feel good, or feel in a way that you want to, and there’s no hope of change… and you’re not reacting to the situation because of something else that’s happening in your life, then its the wrong one for you.

How you can figure this out is by figuring out what exactly you want in a relationship. Define what a successful relationship looks like to you, and WRITE OUT ALL THOSE THINGS that an ideal partner might want might have.

So an example might be that you might want a relationship where you feel a wild sense of adventure (probably because in the last one it got very monotonous) so you might want somebody with a crazy job or who goes out and parties a lot. This will make you feel the way you want to feel.

The other thing is, and I can’t get into this here because there’s never enough time, that sometimes we miss the most important things in life, because we focus on the wrong thing. By writing all these things down you’ll start to think subconsciously about it all. You might find that this partner has those qualities and you just missed it… OR you might now have more reasons to end it without fear. In the end, by doing this, you won’t focus on the hurt but instead a small part of you will be hopeful because you get to meet someone who will really make you feel the way you want to feel.

And here’s the takeaway, and you might want to write this down.

Some relationships are like clothing. Sure they look damn good, but if they don’t fit, they don’t fit and there’s no use fighting. When you find the one that does fit, you will know and you’ll feel good because of it.

So be hopeful and trust me when I say that it might look like things are going downhill from here, but that’s just because you forgot to look up.

If you want I’ve compiled a quick exercise that will allow you to start this process without me, because sometimes coaching is a bit too expensive for people. I’ve done this for you absolutely for free, so make sure to click here or in the description below ?


When are you enough? How do you be enough for any situation? The truth of the situation is that there is no reason why you are not enough.

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m just here to help you find your big voice. Nobody deserves to live their life by their small voice and feel like they aren’t enough. Otherwise you might miss the best things in life because they might pass us by.


He Ghosted You?!? What to Do Next … (+ FREE GUIDE)

So what the hell is ghosting.

Oxford Dictionary Defines ghosting as the PROCESS OF BECOMING A GHOST… so no more texting… calling… seeing each other. IF somebody ghosts you… it absolutely SUCKS because you have NO IDEA What is going on anymore. You can ASSUME the relationship is over… but it doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes not getting an answer does so much more to us than you realize. It’s easy for you to feel annoyed, frustrated, and maybe if they are close to people you know, it might even affect your relationships. You might think, BUT I’M STRONGER THAN THAT… but unfortunately… and I do mean, unfortunately… we are all human… so we do make mistakes and we do have emotions that are actually pretty important!

So, there are THREE reasons why guys ghost you.

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