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Love Does NOT Come to Those Who Wait but …

Love does not come to those who wait, but those who make space for it.

I write this article because I really want to connect with people who are living by this mantra. This mantra also goes alongside the mantra of ‘time heals all wounds.’ The key element in both mantras is time. There is a fallacy in waiting for love just like there is a fallacy in waiting for healing to occur while there is also some truths in it. In this article, we will be discussing both the fallacies and truths in these mantras so maybe you can create your own or develop a deeper understanding of the world of the heart.

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You are Perfect As You Are so It is Time to Let Go (Ask Harvey #77)

This week I released a youtube video on how perfect you already are, but it is time for me to talk about why I’ve released it.

I released the video because, by it’s very nature, you ARE perfect as you are. I’ve often observed that when somebody’s dreams take longer than expected to get, they start to knuckle down and feel about where the problem is. Read More


Heal Yourself.

In this article, we will be discussing the concept of healing yourself. Self-healing. The process of letting go and moving forward. Healing one’s self is a process that is best facilitated. If your heart tells you,
“You need to figure it out on your own,” I can tell you now that you’re never figuring it out on your own. You’re based in a society, if you are reading this then you have access to the internet. The only people who “do it alone” are the ones who tell themselves that to make themselves feel better about themselves when really it is another self-delusion.

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How to Be More Attractive To Your Partner

Attraction is the lifeblood of a relationship. It is the core building block that builds the house of your love. Attraction itself comes in many forms, physical, romantic, sexual and more. It is not something you can force but more something you “un-force.” You cannot speed it up but you can slow it down.

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Right Place at the Right Time

This is an article for the dreamers. Those people who are expanders. Those people who have possibly been in a dark place to know that they want/deserve/are more than what they are. Like an infinitely expanding universe, you expand into your own being.

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