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Watch this When You Fight With Your Significant Other (Ask Harvey #74)

Because, as much as there are going to be times where things seem easy and loving, there are also going to be times where things suck and hurt. Read More


10 Things to Remember While Dating after Divorce (Ask Harvey #73)

Look, this has been a widely requested topic for a while now, so I decided to hit it, and hit it hard.

While I might make an online course for it in the future, right now, I created a new youtube video for it.

That is, dating, after divorce.

Read More


Dating Advice Santa [1/3] – How to Talk to Strangers

Ho Ho Ho
It is me, your boy, Dating Advice Santa!
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What Attached (Attachment Theory/Styles) Left Out (Ask Harvey #72)


Have you ever read the book Attached?

If not, that’s ok, but I want to talk to you about it today, because the book Attached has quickly become common knowledge when it comes to the world of dating and love, and definitely a key tool for those people out there who so wish to self-diagnose their own problems and to diagnose their partner. Read More


Harvey Hooke Guide to Open Relationships (Ask Harvey #71)


I feel honest, totally blessed by you guys. Ok, so I’ve been working with you for a while, and honestly, I realize that everybody I interact with and talk to, and message, and who I personally get to work with to achieve a goal are honestly some of the coolest people I have ever met.

To that, I wanted to say thank you, for being one of those people! Read More