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Commitment Fears due to Past Relationships + How to Be Decisive (Ask Harvey #93)

Is your partner afraid to commit to you? Do you think he’s holding onto fears of his past? Is his fears to commit to you tied up in how he feels about his past relationships? If he is afraid to commit, then this is the video for you! I have done several on commitment issues, but this specific commitment issue video is about if he is afraid to commit because he is afraid of the past! Time to get stuck in!

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Let’s Talk About Commitment Issues… (Ask Harvey #91)

It is time to talk about commitment issues! In this video we talk about commitment issues in a way that is rather unique, because not only do we break commitment issues down to it’s two greatest reasons, but we dive deep into one of sub-genre of commitment issues and give you a mindset solution on how to get out and through it! I can’t wait for you to watch it!

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Answering YOUR Dating Questions!


These are the questions we answer!

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Live Video – Don’t Make This Mistake in Dating!

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in dating and love! You’re better off not being in a relationship than making this dating mistake!


Live Video – Do you struggle with guys just using you for sex?

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