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Live Video – Fear of Rejection!


Oh boy! What an amazing live video about the fear of rejection! SPOILERS: fear of rejection is lack of appreciation for yourself! So the solution? Well, it seems simple right? Appreciate yourself more!


Live Video – When to Let Go

This is an awesome video on about when to let go, how to let go, and why it is an important skill to develop!


Experiences Bring People Together

I was sick this week, and through this, I had some ideas crystalise. Here I share the first few BUT I’ve got more in tomorrow’s podcast! GET EXCITED PEOPLE!


LIVE VIDEO: Why problems are like Balloons

Why problems are like Balloons

In this, we also answer public questions!


How to tell if somebody loves you and other questions

The Original Questions:

What does it look like when a man loves me? What kind of person is actually a good match for me? Should I stay single until I understand more about the opposite sex, myself, and relationships?


NOTE: the video cuts off just as I was about to wrap it up. This was an error due to streaming that I now get to look into. You don’t miss anything as I was about to wrap up the video instantly afterwards anyway.