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Believe in Yourself You IDIOT! (HDMP #96)

Believe in yourself, you idiot! In this podcast, we talk about deeper understandings of self-esteem that will help you recognize your own power instantly, rather than having to develop it over time. I can’t wait for you to listen to it!

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How to Help Those That Don’t Want Help (HMPD #95)

Want to learn how to help those that don’t want to be helped?! Well, the simple answer is not DON’T! Or, YOU CAN’T, because I keep meeting people who feel like that is what they need to do. If that is you, then you’re going to want to listen to this podcast, because I reveal my personal method that helps me help the world while maintaining my sanity!

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You can’t get it wrong (HDMP #94)

You can’t get it wrong! In this podcast, we talk about getting things wrong in dating, and how making mistakes isn’t really such a big deal! We also have a live stream listener who also shares their thoughts, and this turns into an impromptu expression of deeper beliefs and a real-life dating coaching situation.

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My Journey with Healing (HDMP #92)

Hey guys! Today in the latest podcast I disclose my personal journey with healing. I talk about how it greatly impacted my life, but now I use the same process to help my clients make money and find love. So make sure to listen now!

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The Drug of Love (HDMP #92)

The drug of love. Some people chase love like it is a drug. They need it. They want their hit. They need their partner to be their drug dealer. Except for this time, their drug is their love!

In this podcast, we talk about this, we also talk about healing, we also talk about my brand spanking new program called WORTHY OF LOVE!

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