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The Ultimate Attraction Formula – Honest Modern Dating Podcast #8

This is by far the best podcasts that you are going to listen to, but we are now going to talk about the ULTIMATE ATTRACTION FORMULA.

This is the formula that is the basis of attraction, it’s the difference between somebody who ends up as a fuck buddy and in the dreaded friend zone!
This is the Ultimate Attraction Formula


The Problem with Fine – Honest Modern Dating #7

This is one of the most passionate Podcasts that I have ever produced.

In this one, we talk about my new least favourite word that kills so many relationships.
It’s a four letter word that starts with the letter F… and no. It isn’t F$*K.
It’s a word that numbs people, and really just stops them from reaching their potential. It’s a word that people say when they settle.
That word is…



Actions Vs Reactions – Honest Modern Dating #6

Actions vs Reactions!

One kills relationships, and one saves them.
Do you know which one is which?
In this, we talk about how to instantly stop your arguments from spiralling out of control, and how to switch arguments from being an expression of anger to an expression of love.
We also talk about how sometimes when we want to send an essay to another person, how we can best solve the problem instead via sending them a one sentence message.


Unconditional Love Vs Real Love – Honest Modern Dating #5

This is the 5th Episode of the Honest Modern Dating Podcast!

In this episode, we talk about unconditional love… oh boy this might be controversial. I’m talking down a spiritual route for love and the real world, and how to communicate it, and how to discover if you’re truly loving in an unconditional way.


Attraction Triggers – Honest Modern Dating #4

This is it guys! Honest Modern Dating #4.

Truth be told I recorded this podcast 3 times and I am bloody exhausted. This podcast is about the ATTRACTION TRIGGERS, those things that get us attracted to somebody in the first place.

If you can understand this, then you naturally have an advantage because you can learn to understand what triggers HIM more and get him more in your life.

We also talk about how desire is arousal with direction and how to not only create direction with people but how to really TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH US.