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How to Be Attractive – The Power of Vibes – HMD #16

Do you know what makes you so attractive?

I’m not talking about your looks, or your job, or your status.

I’m talking about something that is deeper. This is something that is so intrinsic to what makes you so attractive that I had to record a podcast about it.

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How to Hold Your Standards (Progress Mindsets) – #HMDP15

I am a bit jealous and I am REALLY ANGRY.


Because most people are hurting themselves. They hurt themselves with their own mindsets. They hurt themselves without even knowing.

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Should we break up – HMDP #14

There are times when you have to say goodbye, and it can be hard to as well. People have often equated the feeling of a break up to the feeling of mourning. It can be one of the most painful experiences you have. Read More

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LOVESHIFT – How Standards Can Create a Relationship Worthwhile – HMDP #13

If you want to shift your love, then you have to shift your standards.

I find that most people settle in relationships. They settle for “fine” or “average” because they don’t physically believe that there’s MORE out there!

They don’t physically believe that they can have an incredible relationship. If you take the time now (and WRITE IT DOWN) to rate your current relationship (or if you’re single, your happiness) out of 10?

Most people who don’t have a 10 think that having a 10 relationship is a pipe dream.

They say “well, you know, you can’t be happy all the time” and sure there are speed bumps in any relationship, BUT, you there are ways that you can LOVE the bumps!

It’s the same difference between somebody who hates their job and those who truly love their jobs! The people who hate it say “well, you can’t really love your work” and those who are the most successful say “HOLY HELL, I LOVE MY WORK!”

This is the key difference, the BELIEFS.


Creating a shift in your standards. Making the shift that even though you might not even BELIEVE that a 10 relationship is possible, you’re going to have that in the future no. matter. what.

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TEXTuality – How to be INSTANTLY More Attractive to Men – HMDP#12

This is EPISODE 12 of the Honest Modern Dating Podcast!

This is a really powerful episode because we talk about how to drastically increase how attractive you are, via that weird modern thing we have called texting.

This is your TEXTuality!

So, what’s the deal with texting anyway?

It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it can screw up a lot of people’s chances. WHY? Because we try too much sometimes.

You see, we always want to be the FLAME and not the MOTH. This means we can go about our lives with ease and comfort while still being super attractive (in everything). A number of people that I find “TRY” to make things happen can really screw up their whole dating dance.

When you TRY to make things work, you’re often not giving the other person a chance to participate, and relationships are collaborative.

So instead, what I want you to do is to focus on TWO MAJOR ELEMENTS.

The first major element is space.

Space can come in all shapes and sizes, but you see if you give somebody that space to come to you, where ever they are in the relationship with you, THEY WILL. If they weren’t that into you, they won’t use that space to come close to you. In fact, texting him more will not make him like you. Instead, you want to give him space (which I go over in GREAT DETAIL in the podcast) before the first date, which will allow him to spend the week thinking about you.

The second major element is safety.

Most people just want to feel safe in their relationships, and especially safe in their most INTIMATE relationships. If you’re not making the other person feel safe you’re not helping them out.

The more you take the pressure off things, like the date, or the experience, or the fact that you might spend the rest of your life together, the better it is 🙂

So, as usual, I have for you, a groundbreaking podcast, where I shatter the presuppositions of what it means to date. I break down texting, what should happen at what stage and how to actually engage in a way that makes the guy thirst for you!

It all comes down to doing less.

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