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My Journey with Healing (HMDP #92)

Hey there! In this podcast, I reveal my own personal journey with healing, as well as some real-world examples of how I let go of things, and resulted in having great success! I want you to listen to this with something great in mind! Something you might have to let go of…

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The Best Way to Connect (HDMP #91)

Hey there! In this episode, we are talking about the best way to connect with your partner. I was so excited to share this episode with you because the best way to connect with your partner has been something that I learned at quite a young age. I was impacted by a quote that I didn’t realize had such an impact on me… until now!

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Stop Being a Dick To Yourself (HMDP #90)

In this podcast, we talk about negative self-talk, how we got it from somebody else and one way of stepping around it!

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“What Are We” (HMDP #89)

In this podcast, we answer one of the biggest questions I get in recent times. How to answer ask the question,
“What are we?” This can be a question of such nerves and fear, that it can actually hold back a relationship from growing. Read More


A New Epidemic (HDMP #88)

There is a new epidemic going around and I hope you don’t have it. In this epidemic, you will find yourself experiencing the need for love but unable to receive it from others.

You’ll also find yourself potentially with the following symptoms:
1. Dating emotionally unavailable people
2. Being left behind in your relationships
3. Still feeling unhappy once you find a perfect partner.
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