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Answering Your Questions (HDMP #86)

This week for my podcast I did a live Q&A.

I answered the following questions: Read More


Finding Your Sparkle + Interracial Relationships (HDMP #85)

I’m going to take this moment while I tell you about my latest podcast to also tell you about finding your power. Some people think that your power, your internal power, your strength, your confidence is something you find or create. Read More


Letting Go (HMDP #84)

This is the last podcast of the year. If you’re an active listener, then you will be just as excited as I am for the release of my final podcast of the year. Read More


Forgive Yourself (HDMP #83)

This year, as your gift to yourself, I want you to forgive yourself.

I want you to open yourself up, to hold yourself, to love yourself. To give yourself.  Read More


How to Capture The Soul of Your Man (HMDP #82)

Ok, so when I say capture the soul of your man I do not mean using witchcraft! We get that black magic out of here. I mean using love, emotions, and a deep understanding of each other.

Because, honestly, in the ideal relationship there really should be no jealousy. No pain, no frustration. None of those things should really matter. You should never feel threatened by another person. You should never be in a situation where you feel uncomfortable there.

When you capture the soul of your man, his attention, his very essence, you do something a lot deeper.

And we do talk about this more in this week’s podcast. The power of connecting with your man and partner in a way that nobody else can and ever will.

And you might think you already know how to, but I have something to tell you.
You haven’t seen anything yet if you think you’re already there.