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3 Texting Mastery Mindsets for Getting Somebody to Like You – HMDP #68

Guess what?

In today’s podcast, we talk about 3 texting mastery mindsets! For those people out there who want to not only get better at texting but also want to get more enticing and alluring and get their partner’s attention, this is the stuff for you!

Because it all boils down to these three mindsets! Read More


Being Taken Seriously In Your Love Life – HMDP #67

It’s worth pointing out that sometimes we aren’t taken seriously in our love life. Sometimes we love to easily too soon (which is not bad) and have that person ghost us, other times we don’t even have those other times reciprocated.

I find it is key to recognise that the reason why people do this (not men, but HUMANS), is because of one little reason.

They didn’t take you seriously.


Read More


The Ultimate Get Him Hooked Modern Dating Blueprint – HMDP #66

This is a podcast you’re going to want to listen to. This is a huge manifesto of relationships, love, dating, confidence and sex. It’s so comprehensive that I got exhausted at the end!

So exhausted at the end that I had to wrap it up!

Anyway, my exhaustion aside, this whole podcast is about love, from start to where you want it to go!

So, this is it.

This is the general process of how it all goes. From hello to happily ever after.

But more importantly, we talk about INNER LOVE, which to me, is the entire name of the game! how it all works. It’s how you look at yourself!


Creating BREAKTHROUGHS in Relationships – HMDP #65

This is for you.

Most people want to create a breakthrough in their love life but they don’t know how it works or what it takes. Now, obviously you don’t need to know the mechanics (but I don’t think it hurts to know them), but what you do need to know is this. Read More


Killer Standards for Amazing Relationships – HMDP #64

It’s time to develop some key standards!

Some standards that help develop your love life and life in general to the point where you are rock solid and indestructible! Read More