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#RANT – Why He Pulls Away (Ask Harvey #65)

Have you ever been in a situation where your partner has pulled away from you?

Maybe they made a commitment to you and now they are slowly fading away? Maybe you two have started to date and he’s slowly closing down emotionally? Maybe it seems like he’s emotionally unavailable. Read More


What is More Attractive (Ask Harvey #63)

Hey! Seems like an obvious question… but it’s worth asking.

What is more attractive?
Happiness, or sadness?
What is more powerful?
Being excited or being fearful? Read More


Online Dating Tips + Scams For Women + Men – Ask Harvey #62

‘m sick of people who complain about their problems.

I say this because I spent my morning today scrolling through Facebook. I see several themes of posts.

The first theme is those who use Facebook as a venting platform.
Don’t fucking vent, deal with your actual problem! Read More


How to Get Him To Text You Back – Ask Harvey #62

Have you ever wondered how to get somebody to text you back?

I mean, sometimes you might text somebody something and it gets their attention. Another time, you try and send the same message and nothing?

I mean, “what do people want?” am I right? Read More


How to Get Back With Your Ex – Ask Harvey #61

f you’ve ever wanted to get back with your ex I’m going to explain to you today how to do it.

BUT BEFORE I DO, I need to say one thing.

There are some people out there who read this email and they are full of pain. Their immediate reactions are going to be akin to: Read More