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ADVICE FOR GUYS: How to Get Any Girl You Want (Not What You Think) – Ask Harvey # 12

So this is seriously now dating advice for men.

I find that most people like to play a hierarchy game! Within this game we find ourselves thinking and wondering “when we will be enough?” That we judge our value based on some arbitrary system of ratings that we have for the other person, and that system is ultimately flawed.


Life &Love Live Q&A Episode 19:

Life &Love Live Q&A Episode 19:

All about understanding people!

– how to cure a broken heart
– can exes be friends
– how to tell him the truth about your life
– how to love somebody wholly vs the idea of somebody
– religion and dating
– bad experiences… is it time to give up on dating?


Triggers are a good thing? – Attraction Triggers

Are triggers a good thing? Attraction Triggers


If you refuse to want to learn to be honest then I can’t help you.


The Secret of Happiness – Ask Harvey

It’s funny, but the secret of happiness lies not only not wanting to be happy but in acceptance.

Acceptance for what is and not fighting what is going on, because the truth is, life is 90% interpretation and 10% reality.

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