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Life & Love Episode 18: a HUGE EPISODE!!

Life & Love Episode 18: a HUGE EPISODE!!

– avoiding things till the last minute
– needing a man
– flirting without feeling sick
-not wanting a relationship
– should I let him go?
– winking?!
– long distance relationships and interest
– what’s better, showing action or showing care?



Communication doesn’t mean anything about you as a person


How to be INSTANTLY more attractive!

I have been preaching a lot about this recently, but the secret to being instantly more attractive does not happen when you learn any tricks. It doesn’t happen when you stand a particular way or change your hair to be a particular way.

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The Attraction Lies in the Action

Do you know about the dreaded…. “LATER.”

Later is something that I absolutely hate… and I don’t use that word often.

Later kills relationships. LATER KILLS CAREERS.

Most of all “later” kills love.

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The Attraction is in the Action – How to Get Him To Like You (and guys’ this is for you as well)