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How to Be Happy in Relationships – THE PROBLEM WITH FINE – Live Talk

Is your relationship “fine?”

Seriously, is it fine?

If so, I’ve got a problem with that.

Because I find, that most people use the word fine when they really mean they have settled.


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Anxiety Relief – How to Feel Less Anxious – Power of Standards Workshop 2017

If you want to learn how to feel less anxious do this writing exercise. It’s a long video but it is worth it. Stay tuned till the end to get the full results. If you want anxiety relief this is also good. It can be anything from approach anxiety to social anxiety, this will be destroyed if you flood your conscious mind and unconscious mind with examples of how you’ve already beaten it. This will help you be more confident!


5 Most Powerful Words You Can Ever Ask Anybody

How to get a guy to ask you out? Say this if you’re ever nervous to ask a guy anything. Heck, if you want to ask anybody anything!


How to Create a Relationship You Deserve | Make Him Love You

Hey, guys, this is a clip from my latest workshop, which is about escalation ladders and how to get a guy to invest in you the way you would like him too! These are tips for women, but also tips for men as well, because if you want to get the guy to love you, you might have to try a new thing or two.


How to Save a Dying Relationship, and how to give it life

You won’t believe how this tiny shift can make a huge difference! How to save a dying relationship, and how to give it life again! This is a clip from my latest talk in Melbourne, and I really hope you get some value out of it! This isn’t just how to win him back, this is more of a mental shift that will allow you to save your dying relationship.