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Hi and welcome! I am so excited to have you onboard SEVEN DAY SELF LOVE COURSE! You’re going to find this an exciting journey! As we go down this path, I must remind you, that this course is designed for you to watch one video a day! In addition to that, I invite you to have a journal (digital or handwritten) so that as we go through the content, the ideas and questions, you have someplace to keep it all together! As you go down this path, you’re going to want to remember it!

In this program, we are diving deep into your emotions. Please allow around 40 minutes maximum a day for this, and for 7 days in a row! It’s just one week of your life for potentially years of learning, so it’s definitely worth it. I will invite you to go deeper into emotions and we learn more about confidence, love and various other emotions.

PLEASE NOTE: I invite you, through this course, to have an intent. You are welcome to revisit the course at a later date as well, but if you do, make sure to have another intent in mind. An intent might mean an outcome or a state of being. Maybe you want to find love or maybe you just want to feel good about yourself, regardless of the outcome, your intent of an outcome is what is most important here. It’s ok if it changes over the week as well.


Each day has a two-part system. We have a bit of a talk, where we talk about various emotions and understanding about how emotions dictate the way our lives go, and then we have the second part of a meditation. Do not attempt the meditation if you are going to be disturbed, it requires an environment where you can allow yourself to fully feel. Some will be pleasurable, but some might be painful. If you’re worried about diving deep into various emotions, I have to advise you that everything IS intentional. We are opening up our hearts, and when we do, various life lessons and feelings can rush to us.

This is the foundation of “automatic action.”


Alright, TIME TO START! Click the button below or in the menu to get started with Day1! Do it right now so we have a lot of amazing momentum behind it! Today we are going to dive deep into wants, as we open up our hearts to our desires. There’s no better place to start but by tapping into your own driving forces.