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Hi and welcome! I am so excited to have you onboard THE EPIC RELATIONSHIPS COURSE! You’re going to find this an exciting journey! As we go down this path, I must remind you, that this course is designed for you to watch one video a day! In addition to that, I invite you to have a journal (digital or handwritten) so that as we go through the content, the ideas and questions, you have someplace to keep it all together! As you go down this path, you’re going to want to remember it!



I’m a big fan of the teaching method, TELL, SHOW, DO. For the purposes of this program, as we go down it, I might invite you to answer some questions or to think about something. The course itself is designed to go as deep as you want it to. Each video has something for you to take action on now (to get results now) as well as a deep principle of understanding, so that as you explore your relationships, both intimate and otherwise, you can start to see a dimensional shift as more of you starts to come out!


Alright, TIME TO START. Enough reading and watching introductions… the first video that we starting on is about attraction itself! The Ultimate Attraction Formula and how and why it works in certain ways. You’re going to learn a thing or two about what gets you going, as well as what gets your partner going 🙂