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Hi and Welcome!

Welcome to How Love Works! I am super excited to have you on board! If you’re reading this you’re about to start an amazing adventure into love, deep understandings and the nature of human connection. I’ve created this course to answer those burning questions that people often have.

How does love work? What makes people like each other? How to communicate your needs?

These are all huge questions when it comes to love, attraction and dating, and so, since you’re somebody who’s made a jump into this, you’ll be ready to learn what has taken me years to figure out in seven days!

Each day is designed to be listened to in succession, so please, do not rush from one day to another! I know you might be excited to, but to get the most out of content like this, sometimes we need our mind to rest to integrate ideas! I do not want you burning out too quickly! You can take notes, but I’d also recommend that you let your mind take you to where the ideas inspire you to go. This is one of the most powerful ways to learn, to re-evaluate past experiences to account for new information

Each day consists of an audio and a description like this to introduce it. Please read the description first! It’ll prime your mind ready for what it’s about to get!

Overall, this is a course that I am personally proud to present to you, so without further hesitation, let’s get started!


Harvey Hooke Xx