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    Why He Asked For Space (HMDP#73)



Why He Asked For Space (HMDP#73)

I don’t know about you, but it can be so brutally painful when somebody asks for space from you.

They can ask for it and it can feel like an attack. It can feel like they are abandoning you. It can feel like they were tricking you all along, that maybe they were only after one thing.

This can suck even more especially if you’ve been dating for a while. You’ve made commitments you’ve trusted them! You both made promises!

So, were they fucking with you?

I can tell you, that all of this is wrong.

He didn’t ask for space to mess with you.
He didn’t ask for space to fuck with you…

and he didn’t do because he’s a player.

He did it because he was seeking control. He was feeling a lack of himself or what he wanted in his relationship with you (and yes, this is a HUMAN Thing, not just a man thing) and so, he did it in any way he knew how… by trying something that helped him have some power…

Now, this is a HUGE topic, and that is why this week’s podcast is based around that! It’s going to be confronting podcast for a very select few as we talk about some key issues…