How to Be Attractive – The Power of Vibes – HMD #16

Do you know what makes you so attractive?

I’m not talking about your looks, or your job, or your status.

I’m talking about something that is deeper. This is something that is so intrinsic to what makes you so attractive that I had to record a podcast about it.

This is something that is so important to know that NOT MANY OTHER DATING COACHES TALK ABOUT THIS OR EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS.

It’s like, they all conducted experiments and somehow got some results and drew some conclusions without knowing what EXACTLY was going on.

Is it possible for somebody to conduct experiments and draw the wrong conclusions? Is it even possible for them to teach other people that stuff?

So I want to give you some detail about what I am talking about.

What makes somebody attractive?

I’m talking emotionally attractive. Something that transcends just your beauty?

Well, to give you some background, the universal law of relationships is that…

“we get into relationships because of HOW THEY MAKE US FEEL!”

So… how do you want to feel?

Also… just as importantly, how does HE WANT TO FEEL?

He might want to feel happy, he might want to feel sad, or loved right… or even a little bit sexy.

So, how does this work?

It is about your VIBE

An emotion that another person can feel. In a moment, they get to experience a vibe about you, and if they get to experience you in a way that they like, they might just like it 🙂

So… I want you to listen to the latest podcast. Listen to it here before it goes live anywhere else!

I want you to listen to it because I explain it in such great detail.

I’m giving you a superpower here… A super power to find what VIBE is attractive about you and how to give things to other people that they want…

Because guess what? If you give something to somebody before they even know they want it, they will feel like you’re incredible!