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    Designing Your Perfect Relationship – HMDP #62



Designing Your Perfect Relationship – HMDP #62

Are you in the right relationship?

I don’t mean to say that to throw you off, but I sort of have a little test that I do with people.

This is something you can do if you’re single, because when you’re doing this, what we are doing IS…

Designing your perfect relationship!

The reason why we want to do this is that, when we design our perfect relationship we can decide if where we are at is perfect OR if where you are at needs to change.

What I find is, when you design and know what your perfect relationship FEELS like, you end up taking a good hard look at where you’re at. Some people decide that they need to make a change and they know exactly what it looks like.

I once did this with one of my best friends and he decided the relationship that he is in was better than any other relationship he could find.

Isn’t that beautiful?

So, how do we go about doing this? Well, we talk about this in this week’s podcast WHICH IS OUT NOW!!!! WOWOWW!!!!!

In this podcast, we also talk about your emotional compass and how this all plays together!