Double Podcast – 3 Ways to be Sexier in Conversation + Should You and Your Ex Get Back Together?

I have TWO things I want to share with you, and this is all in alignment with today’s podcast!

The first are 3 things that I want to tell you that are going to make you sexier and attractive in conversation. This is stuff that I normally share with my clients (only), but, you know, it’s the Holiday period…

The second is to answer a burning question a lot of people have: should you get back with your ex, and is it a good idea?

This I share with you how I personally look at it to which it can really help you become more aware of what you really want at a deeper level… but before I tell you those things, I want to share something else…

This stuff that I’m sharing in the podcast is STUFF THAT I NORMALLY RESERVE FOR MY CLIENTS. It’s the stuff that I’ve spent such a personal deep and intimate time with. I even share a story that’s really personal in it, so when you listen to it, I really want you to take the time to consider and respect it.

I’ve always been the kind of person to say that vulnerability is power, and this is one of those other things as well. This is an example of that, and I want you to take this example and notice it. It’s an example of how to be vulnerable, to share those ideas and things that you don’t normally tell people, because, as you do it, you make yourself a little bit stronger.