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    Finding Your Sparkle + Interracial Relationships (HDMP #85)



Finding Your Sparkle + Interracial Relationships (HDMP #85)

I’m going to take this moment while I tell you about my latest podcast to also tell you about finding your power. Some people think that your power, your internal power, your strength, your confidence is something you find or create.

Some people think you are born with it, others think that some people learned it and it might be too late for them.

When we talk about power, your personal power, how you live and how people feel you, there is a big of a fallacy with “finding it.”

You cannot find it, you already have it. You can only uncover it.

You uncover it because you were born to shine, born to be powerful and born to be everything you were meant to be in this world. That there is an accumulation of biology, evolution or whatever you believe in that came together to create the person that you are now. Your job is to not become more powerful but to discover and uncover how powerful you already are.

You do this by letting go, forgiving and allowing you to be yourself, not by force.

So, this week, I have a new podcast about finding your sparkle, and also interracial long distance relationships.

If you’ve wanted to experience what your own sparkle is, then listening to this podcast is a step in the right direction.

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