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    What The Hell is Your Inner Being? – HMDP #63



What The Hell is Your Inner Being? – HMDP #63

If there is an epidemic out there that is the bane of all people’s relationships, it’s this.

THEY DON’T BLOODY TRUST THEMSELVES (and worse, their partner).

I think that trusting yourself is the cure to this, because as a result, you will trust yourself around your partner and THEN develop a relationship that is both trusting and loving with your partner.

But this isn’t about trusting yourself, this is about why they don’t!

I find people don’t trust themselves because they haven’t learned to listen to their inner being. You see, as a child, most people are taught to look to others for help. I mean, when you ARE a child if you don’t you’ll probably die!

On the other hand, I think a big part of maturing is learning that you can trust yourself, and we honestly can never stop maturing.

This is why I’m a huge advocate for getting people to find out what and who they really are. For some people, it’s a family orientated life. For others, it’s sex and money. Frankly, who cares, it’s up to you!

So, from now on I’m going to be yelling at you a lot more about your inner being. The part of you that has to trust yourself. The part of you that knows and wants the best of you.

The part of you, that if you don’t trust yourself, you put aside!


Well, if you want to find out, this week (today) I have recorded the next Honest Modern Dating Podcast! This is something that is so powerful, that when you listen to it you can’t help but get in touch with your inner being.


This is called “QUESTION TIME” where I answer some questions that you guys have asked me during the week. Now I am constantly answering questions for people, but this is a time for me to pick a few that I really like that are worth answering at depth. This week they were:

  1. How to get your boyfriend to express himself more.
  2. How to ignore passion in your own life.
  3. How to tell if he is a player.

That last question, you get to see me go OFF!