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    Love Masochist – HMDP #69



Love Masochist – HMDP #69

This may or may not be you, but 90% of the people reading are massive love masochists. You attract the wrong people in your life, you let them walk all over you then you wonder what to do differently to make somebody like you.

That, shit, has, to, change.

We are now going to call this a love masochist, and if you’ve ever wondered what was wrong with you or somebody else, this is you. Because you’re looking at love ALL WRONG.

So wrong it’s causing you more problems than ever before.

This is so messed up because you guys keep repeating the cycle.

Then you tell yourself you’re getting somewhere when you say “I’m working on it.” Most of the time, when people say that they are working on it, they clearly aren’t. Otherwise, if they were, they’d be happy, get results, and transform their lives.

You also wouldn’t be reading an email like this.

But here, if you’re a love masochist or somebody who’s interested in learning more about this weird phenomena, this week’s podcast is about exactly that.

We talk about love, people who beat themselves up with love and why and how people keep repeatedly attracting the wrong people over, and over, and over, and over again!

I want you to be, feel and know better than that.