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    Making Space For Love (HMDP #81)



Making Space For Love (HMDP #81)

This is about one thing. Making Space For Love…

About, love, space, and how it all blends together.
About how we can be our own worst enemy.
How perfect the world is if you let it be.
How you don’t have to do things alone.

A lot of people don’t make space for love. Period. I talk about this more in this week’s podcast.

They complain about how things don’t go their way, so as a result, find it impossible to meet people.

They think if they were prettier/stronger/more confident then they would have it, and while that might be true, you’re missing the point.

These people miss the point because they don’t have mental space for it. They are too busy worried about what is going wrong rather than what is going right or that life goes no matter what you do with it or not!

You see, there is a flow to love. It’s exponential not full of drama. It’s full of love not full of hate.

I have always observed that the best couples are on a rocket ride, while those who spend years fighting do just that, years fighting.

So, are you making space for love? If you were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this email. So, this week I’ve created a podcast on this. It’s not only a challenge but a step up. Those people who have the relationships that work for themselves… you know… those lucky ones… in some way accidentally know this.

I know because I never did. Growing up, I never did. I was lucky though, just like you are now, to learn it.