How to Hold Your Standards (Progress Mindsets) – #HMDP15

I am a bit jealous and I am REALLY ANGRY.


Because most people are hurting themselves. They hurt themselves with their own mindsets. They hurt themselves without even knowing.

Why am I jealous? Because there are a few people out there that realise this, and when I was younger it used to really bug me and drive me insane.

It was one of my biggest motivators, that jealousy, it drove me insane. I would look up to my mentors and wonder “WHY DO THEY HAVE WHAT I DON’T HAVE???”

WHY? Well, it was a mindset difference.

They had a different mindset about their standards, about what they wanted to allow in their life, and what they didn’t want to allow. What kinds of relationships they allowed and what kind they didn’t.

I was jealous because I did not know what their secret was. Their secret was actually the questions that they asked themselves.

You see, there are a few questions that people ask themselves on a daily basis, whether they know it or not.

A question like “How do I feel good?” is a question people might ask, but the answer might not be what they want.

Ask one person that, and the answer will be about drugs, television, sleeping. Heck, even depression is a good response because it allows them to feel loved from the attention.

Those people who I was so jealous of asked themselves incredible questions. “HOW DO I FEEL GREAT AND GET OUT OF BED DANCING?”

The answers you get might be crazy, absurd, but because this was a TRAINED mindset, they came up with better answers.

So, I recorded a podcast on this! Seriously, this is a good one. I talk about jealousy, anger and how to use them… but I also talk about STANDARDS. There are a lot of people out there who know what their lines are, but they also allow people to blur them.

AND THIS is what gets me really angry sometimes. This feeling that people are like lemmings, running off a cliff because they don’t hold their key standards. Their standards that they must not be crossed, yet they do let people cross them because they want to feel loved.

The secret honestly is holding your standards, because if you say yes to everybody, then you say no to everybody.

But, let me know, I want you to listen to the podcast and give me feedback. Give me some honest times where you’ve been in that situation, where you’ve asked yourself the wrong question, or even tried to use jealousy to get somebody to like you (in the wrong situation).