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    Being Taken Seriously In Your Love Life – HMDP #67



Being Taken Seriously In Your Love Life – HMDP #67

It’s worth pointing out that sometimes we aren’t taken seriously in our love life. Sometimes we love to easily too soon (which is not bad) and have that person ghost us, other times we don’t even have those other times reciprocated.

I find it is key to recognise that the reason why people do this (not men, but HUMANS), is because of one little reason.

They didn’t take you seriously.


So let’s talk about HOW TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

It isn’t because men are terrible, or the people in your country are terrible or that dating is just fucked up these days.

It all comes down to a few key understandings. How you look at men, and more importantly, HOW YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF!

So, this week, on this VERY TOPIC, I’ve recorded the latest podcast. We dive in very deep, and I give you the three categories of people that you’re going to meet along the way in your dating adventure, why two out of three are dangerous and what to do about it!

We also briefly talk about the concept of auditions!