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    How to Turn Cold Text Messages Into Something More – HMDP #72



How to Turn Cold Text Messages Into Something More – HMDP #72

Do you know why a person might be cold to text you and warm when they text another?

Have you ever been in a situation where it feels like somebody is avoiding or is numb to you, yet they can seem like they have a lot of fun with other people?

I definitely know what that’s like. In fact, it used to plague me all the time. It plagued me because it hurt me as I was trying my hardest.

When you TRY the hardest, that’s often when you get hurt the most. BUT FRET NOT!

Through my pain, I’ve learned what turns it around. It can be as simple as turning on a light switch!

So, what I’ve found, is that the first thing that makes messages be cold towards you (not that they are a bad texter, or anything like that) is that the conversation is VERY VERY LOGICAL!

I find things can be logical, not because of them being logical, but because of the fear we feel. We are afraid, so we don’t follow our heart.

When we don’t follow our heart, what happens? We try and connect with our mind!

Imagine a movie that you watch logically? It’ll probably be boring and un-alluring.


Imagine a movie that you’re just excited to watch? You’ll wait and every timeĀ a trailer comes out (a text message) you can’t wait for it.

So that’s my goal with you, if you’d like, to bring you to a point where your man is so excited to text you, and maybe even leads it first!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, today I’ve released a new podcast that covers this a hell of a lot more!

In this podcast, we talk a lot more about dating, love and what turning on the light switch so you don’t have to keep stabbing in the dark!