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    How to Use Anticipation to Make Him Like You (HDMP #79)



How to Use Anticipation to Make Him Like You (HDMP #79)

I honestly can’t believe nobody else talks about this. How to use anticipation to make him like you!

Anticipation is a HUGE part of dating, love, and romance that can be such a nice addition to your dating life that you can use it to turn around even the worst relationship!

In fact, anticipation is so powerful, I really want you to learn about it because you can try it out in all relationships and see the results now.

You can use it to connect with people.
You can use it to have people want to connect with you.
You can use it to create commitment.
You can use it to enhance a date!
You can use it with your friends!

In fact, anticipation is so powerful and widespread, you can use it in any of your relationships. My clients even use it to enhance their work life and some even get promotions and earn more money!

How silly is that?

So I do want to tell you a little bit about it right now, if that’s ok with you?

Before I tell you about anticipation, I do want you to know this one little thing!

That when you are looking forward to something, you make it easier for other people to something. It’s your ability and it starts with you!

So, are you ready to learn about anticipation?

Well, I have recorded a whole podcast on it! This podcast, we dive so deep into anticipation, that you can experience it for yourself. Words don’t teach as much as experiences do.