While everybody defines success in different ways, this page was created to share just some of the success stories that people have had while working with Harvey. Maybe yours will be featured here one day!


In 2016 Magnolia had reached out to me after having some issues with her partner. After a couple calls she was on her way. Since then, she had followed my advice through Instagram very closely and diligently! In late 2018 I bumped into her and this is what she told me:

At one point her partner had no interest in marriage. He pushed it away even. She then told me she followed my advice and was glad to have my Instagram account there for background support. Pretty soon, as a result, he had not only proposed to her but had booked some of the wedding already! ⠀

I joked with her when I saw her that he was such in a rush to make her his wife now, and he’s now showing her off as much as possible! She totally felt it also. Once before he might have been apathetic about it, now he was not only proud to have her as his wife but was very keen to demonstrate it to her and secure a long-term relationship with her.

Just a tiny little shift, in the right place, can do the right thing! She gave me permission to share this story with the excitement that it might help others get the same results. Apply for my 6-week program and let’s see where knowing what to do can take you next!⠀

A photo from her wedding that happened in December 2018.


In late 2018 to early 2019, Anon started working with Harvey. She was going through a long distant relationship, but more than that was an over thinker and was causing herself some serious anxiety when it came to texting and communicating with the man she was interested in. She had explored other coaches and had gone really deep in the past with learning every strategy and tip and trick that the internet had to offer.

During the time of working with Harvey, she had learned to shed her need for thinking through her communication with the man she was interested in, in addition to learning the beauty and power in her own self and her own reality. As a result, their communication not only became more honest, but she became able to clearly see what he was and is communicating to her and as a result relieved herself a lot of stress.

Please listen to the audio of her expressing her concern for her journey down love and how she felt after working with me.

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