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    Who Is Harvey Hooke?


Have you ever had that little voice in your head that told you that you’re wrong?

Harvey Hooke dating coach

Like a demon is sitting behind you, making you doubt yourself. It’s the same voice that tells you that you aren’t enough, that you aren’t going to be successful or that you aren’t going to be loved. That he’s not going to want you.

You see, I have always been an artist. I used to paint, I used to sing and I used to design, but it was one fateful day, where I was sitting with the girl that I loved where that all shut down. She was somebody who was so passionate about life and education with fiery red hair, and when we first got together it was inspired by how I had sung to her in a park, only this time was different. This time, as we sat silently outside her house trying to solve our relationship problems when I sang to her to try and make our relationship better. She told me,

“I think you love me more than I love you.”

My heart had sunk then, it had dived deeper within my chest, and that little voice that you hear took control.

“Obviously, what you have, what you are, isn’t what people want, so it’s time to change.”

You see, I was not strong enough at the time, and as my heart closed up, I started to listen to that little voice. The little voice that hides us. The voice that told me to stop walking down my own path in life.


So I saught change!


At the time, I called it a “roadmap.” Fuelled by pain,  I had gone insane. I tried to change myself, and I called it “self-improvement.” I started a business where I was a graphic designer, I started to meet people and I started dating people like it was a distraction from life (many of which are still friends). I had gone deep with it, and soon, in Melbourne, the city where I had grown up, I had become well known in various men’s groups of personal development, and I had even started coaching men on how to be confident and attractive to women. I had falling in love with communication just as much as I had fallen in love with life and people. I became the master of communication, and had soon discovered many new roadmaps for love and life! That there are so many ways, and I, at the time, wanted to become the master of all of them! It was exhausting, and I had become, what you would call, a social chameleon. Less myself, more of other people. I walked other people’s roadmaps. That little voice had won.

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It was at this time while I had sunken into a depression because of my work as a graphic designer that when I met a dating coach who came to Melbourne and was about to do a world tour. I became his assistant coach and I closed up my design shop overnight! Pretty soon I was flying high, touring, living in a different country every week, coaching men from all over the world, but I still wasn’t happy?


What was happening? I had everything that I had ever wanted? I was being PAID to do what I loved, to teach people how to attract love into their life… but I was doing it the wrong way, I was helping people armour up and hide so that they could listen to that little voice that told them,

“you are not enough, you have to change your behaviour and learn new things to become loved.”

It was then when I went to a meditation retreat in Illinois, USA, that when I discovered that little voice was not my voice, but the voice of doubt. A voice designed to keep me safe, and not authentically me.

I reached out, held this little voice in my hand, looked at it and decided in that moment, to trust my feelings and to truly be myself. I would be in control. If it didn’t get me the love that I sought, that would be ok, as long as I was truly happy and me along the way, that I would walk my own roadmap.


And so I came back!


So, I did what any newly sane person would do, and I set off to go back home. I was still seeking the answers. How to be yourself and be loved? I felt like what I was doing all this time was not helping anybody, let alone myself, so instead I started to listen to MY voice. The BIG voice inside me, the voice inside me that was my AUTHENTIC self, the voice of my higher self. My life had started to change, drastically. I started meeting new people, and instead of me TRYING to make things work, people started to collaborate with me, THEY started being attracted to me instead! I had to do less! It was crazy!

As this happened, I also found that women started to reach out to me for help. I had taught guys on a GLOBAL scale, so I knew what was going on inside in their heads! I had become a sort of man whisperer, but where the real work lay, was helping these women (and men as well) to discover their authentic self!

Harvey Hooke and Joni B

In addition to understanding powerful communication strategies, the deeper work, the internal work, was the work that helped destroy their little voice. When they truly learned to chase what THEY wanted, what would make THEM happy and to speak their unspokens, THEY THEMSELVES became the prize and when they knew that, other people did too! That their relationships and dating lives just started to WORK instead of them TRYING things! From this, all these women’s lives had changed, that their relationships started to seamlessly flow. Some even reconnected with ex-partners, established new relationships and started attracted really incredible people into their lives, AUTOMATICALLY. NO EFFORT because it was THEM they wanted, not whatever tactic or ‘game’ they played. Some even became better at their work because they understood emotions better, and some created the relationships and love life that actually made them happy!

That they became the flame and not the moth in all their relationships.

It was this time, that I took my mantle of an artist back up, but this time, helping people discover themselves, discover love, create a dimensional shift in their relationships, THAT became my art.

The art of helping people discover their own authentic roadmap so that others want to share their path with them because it’s so god damn sexy to be you!

And I have been coaching people on a global scale ever since 🙂