How to Be Happy in Relationships – THE PROBLEM WITH FINE – Live Talk

Is your relationship “fine?”

Seriously, is it fine?

If so, I’ve got a problem with that.

Because I find, that most people use the word fine when they really mean they have settled.


Recently I had the honour of being invited to do a talk at the incredible Miss Fox in Melbourne, and I started the talk with a bit of a rant about “fine.” That word that fucks up so many people’s relationships.

“He stood me up…. that’s fine.”
“I’m not happy all the time… that’s fine.”
“I don’t really get to be myself… I’ll be fine.”

You’ll be fine means you’ll be numb. You’ll be average.

We have to STOP settling for just fine in our relationships, we have to realise that we are worth so much more, that we can create a relationship exactly how we want it to be, and it all starts with defining what our OWN happiness is! That’s the secret right there!

So, if you’re in a situation where you feel like your settling for “fine” it’s time to watch this video.


Till next time…
Remember to think differently about life and love Xx
Harvey Hooke 😉
Author, International Dating & Human Dynamics Coach